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Feijão por cima do arroz ou o inverso?

O arroz sempre é seco, enquanto o feijão costuma vir acompanhado de seu próprio molho (que inclusive é a razão de termos a receita do caldo de feijão). No prato, nunca colocamos o molho por baixo, por que deveria ser diferente quando misturamos feijão com arroz?


Nada nesse blog foi postado desde o início do ano, pois, mais uma vez, estou preparando posts longos, explicativos e que exigem um pouco mais de pesquisa que o normal.

I don’t feel the will to trust on logic all the time

If the last two air-planes from company A crashed, it doesn’t mean that their next air-plane is going to trash. It’s not a logical consequence. It might be a statistics problem, but then I won’t trust the company for awhile anyway.

If the situation “who will you gonna save?” happens, then you don’t have a logical decision. I don’t use logic’s help on all my decisions.

Anyway, since I started computer science, I feel like I’ve seen less events where people use illogical arguments to take decisions.

“one ring to rule them all”

PHP case: one vision, two approaches

Till today, I didn’t read a post defending PHP. There are all these texts attacking the language. And I dislike most of these texts I’ve read. I don’t like the attacked PHP language either. But what I dislike above all is the excessive use of fallacies. How could we have a logical discussion if we keep using them?

I don’t mind if you share a personal experience that cannot be used to prove a statement. If we’re lucky, your experience might be fun to read or will teach us to avoid specific behaviour in specific circumstances that may apply in specific ages.

I don’t mind if you carefully expose facts that the creators want to hide from us to affect our level of trust to such creators, as long as you use evidences to sustain such facts. You aren’t trying to logically prove something, but you text is also useful.

I don’t even mind if you create a text completely relying on fallacies, but I mind a lot if someone use such text to justify a decision. These texts, to my experience, tend to be fun anyway.

So, there are the two following linked texts about PHP, and in one of two, the author demonstrate more PHP knowledge than the other. Which one deserves more of your trust/attention?

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