Boost.Http scheduled for review

February last year, I was writing an email to the Boost user mailing list, asking for feedback on an HTTP server library proposal. Later that year, I got the news that I was to receive funds through Google to work on such proposal. And I had delivered a library by the asked timeframe. However, getting the library into Boost is another game. You must pass through the review process if you want to integrate some library into Boost. And I’d like to announce that my library is finally going to be reviewed starting on Friday.

Some links:

After working on this project for more than a year, I’m pretty glad it finally reached this milestone. And I’m very confident about the review.

I had written about this project so much here and there that when the time to write about it in my own blog comes, I don’t have many words left. It’s a good thing to leave as much info on the documentation itself and don’t spread info everywhere or try to lure users into my blog by providing little information on the documentation.


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