Fixing Tufão (accidental) ethical mistakes

Today I’ve spent some minutes of my time to fix the metadata of the Tufão git repo. The issue makes difficult to gather who author owns which lines of the code, which can be a problem if you want give merit for the real coders (maybe this is related to ethics) and if you want to contact the authors later for actions that only can be done by the copyright owner (eg. change license). This incorrect info was introduced by misuse of the git tool.

First, I must admit that I was wrong and the issue was entirely caused by ignorance of my git’s knowledge at the time. The issue was not made on purpose. You can see an example here, where I mentioned the original author on the commit message to give the appropriate credit (my intent). But there are also cases where I failed to even make such mention.

Every commit you make using the git tool has an associated author and if you don’t specify the author explicitly, git will use the global config. This metadata is used by commands such as git shortlog -s and git blame. The solution is simply: Just set the author explicitly using the –author argument.

Now the git repo history mentions authors such as Paul Maseberg and Marco Molteni.

Lastly, but not least, I want to let you know that I believe the problem is solved. If you find something that I missed, just fill a bug on the github and I’ll fix it.



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