The end (and a new beginning)

GSoC 2013 is over and I thought that I should write an “ending post” for this category.

libdepixelize is integrated in Inkscape source code and its next version will feature a new “Trace Pixel Art” dialog. Check the videos below:

Optimization is disabled by default on Inkscape GUI, because it is in an experimental state currently (the harmonic maps triangulation is not implemented and some required preprocessing steps are buggy). You still can use the libdepixelize’s command line application if you want to play with the experimental features.

I’m finishing the final bits for a polished result regarding extra color information (this feature is beyond Kopf-Lischinski original algorithm) and then I’ll polish the Inkscape integration a bit more (processing in a background thread).

The “new beginning” text on the post title comes from the fact that I’ll continue to work with my mentor to improve the Kopf-Lischinski algorithm.

Stay tuned (via RSS)!


“Polished result regarding extra color information…” is finished. There is one very minor issue and a minor improvement (there will always be), but they can wait a little longer. Enjoy it!



10 responses to “The end (and a new beginning)”

  1. RyanBram says :

    Hi. Where I can obtain (download) the commandline version of libedpixelize?

    • Vinipsmaker says :

      The command-line application comes with the library and is built by default.

      You can grab the libdepixelize source code at

      There is a file named README with build instructions.

    • RyanBram says :

      I’m sorry if I sounds lazy. But unfortunatelly, I’m not very familiar in compiling program. I don’t have any idea how to obtain and install gdkmm and 2geom for Microsoft Windows.
      Can you just provide a binary version of your library and let novice user as me to take benefit from it.
      If you want, you can use to upload the binary.

      • Vinipsmaker says :

        I don’t have Windows installed here right now, but the Inkscape guys will kindly package Inkscape for every main OS and the next version is near (with a good release of libdepixelize integrated). So we can wait just a bit to see a Windows binary release. 🙂

  2. RyanBram says :

    It is very nice to hear this good news, because I cannot find any news about new release in inkscape’s official website.
    So it seems I can download the upcoming release of inkscape and take only the binary version of libdepixelize for my own use as standalone commandline application, am I right?
    And just for sharing information in case you are not yet aware, there is a project that has purpose for collecting all available scaling algorithm called ImageResizer. It’s a standalone C# program that has both GUI and CLI. Currently it managed to collect several scaling algorithm which originally only found from video game emulator. Thanks to your work, it seems the long awaited Kopf-Lischinski algorithm will be implemented as well.


    • RyanBram says :

      The official website of ImageResizer is
      Sorry I forget to mention it in my previous post.

    • Vinipsmaker says :

      Hi Ryan Bram, sorry for taking so long to reply.

      There isn’t an official announcement of the next Inkscape release yet (at least I’m not aware of), but the general consensus seems to be “fix blocker bugs and release it” as it can be seen in the dev mailing list. And that guys are progressing fast.

      This project, ImageResizer, seems interesting. If I had more time maybe I could look deeper. Fortunately there a lot of interesting things in computer science and I kind of lost myself in all these interesting projects to explore. For instance, I’m kind f anxious to play with homomorphic encryption next time I have the time.

  3. Leonardo José says :

    Muito obrigado pelo seu trabalho ! É uma ferramenta muito útil.

    Thanks a lot for your work ! It’s a very useful tool.

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