Tufão (the Qt/C++ web framework) 0.2 released

Hello good fellows, I’m not used to write posts in english, but this is a habit that I must change. Well, just today I’m releasing a new version of my C++/Qt web framework, Tufão.

For the newcomers, Tufão was, initially, a port of the excellent Node.js API to C++ built on top of Qt. It was a good choice because the Node.js assynchronous API fits well in Qt’s object communication system (signals & slots).

The new 0.2 version brings the following changes:

  • Code is more stable
  • Documentation a bit improved
  • HttpServerResponse class is easier to use (stream operator)
  • WebSocket support
  • A QtCreator plugin
  • New examples

The most problematic areas of Tufão now is its lack of:

  • An application server
  • A file server

In future versions these gaps will be filled. For more details take a look at the project roadmap in the README file.

I welcome everyone to compile, test and use Tufão.


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